8 TV stand decor ideas that will beautifully elevate your TV – and transform your view

1. Keep Things Clean And Simple

As the popular saying goes, less is more, and if you're looking to establish a clean and contemporary look for your TV stand decor ideas, then keep your decorations simple, and do not overcomplicate the design with clutter.

2. Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature

From the latest floral trends to decorating with the best indoor plants, decorating with plants and flowers can not only bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors, filling a room with inviting natural color and texture, these natural accents are also renowned to make us feel calmer and grounded.

3. Showcase A Selection Of Your Favorite Reads

Decorating with books can not only help to make your interior space feel more personal and characterful, but books are also a truly versatile decorating tool, and they are an easy way to bring color, texture, and shape to a room.

4. Take The Lead From Your Room's Decor

'For the living room design, we went warm, dark and sophisticated with a marble fireplace mantel, black wall, black custom bookcases, and gold accents in lighting and jewel tones in the furniture pieces' says Mary Jo Fiorella or Fiorella Design.

In keeping with the room's overall style the luxurious marble fireplace has been simply decorated with a collection of small, black and white vases, which perfectly complement the natural tones of the fireplace.

5. Embrace An Artistic Collection Of Ornaments

Decorating with art doesn't always have to focus on framed artworks on the wall, curating a collection of beautiful ornaments on a shelf, coffee table or TV stand can create an artistic focal point that is just as eye-catching.

6. Expand Your TV Decor Ideas To New Heights

One of the main design features in this living room, designed by Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, is the tall, open-shelving unit that houses the main TV.

7. Create Levels

In order to for your TV stand decor ideas to look beautifully balanced, establishing a sense of rhythm is key, and this can be achieved through styling your accessories at different levels and in groups of uneven numbers – explore the rule of three for further inspiration.

8. Look To The Rules Of Symmetry

If you're unsure of where to start with your TV stand decor ideas, then why not look to embracing the rules of symmetry? A principle used by interior designers to help make rooms feel more balanced and calm and create visual harmony, style your stand with symmetry in mind for a more neat and tidy look.

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