8 Tips for Staying Cool at Home Without Spending a Dime

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed During the Day

Keep the warm sun out of your house during the day by keeping your blinds and curtains closed. Alannah Hardcastle, social impact manager at Random Acts of Green, recommends using blackout curtains to ensure as little sunlight gets in as possible. You can even use reflective window films as well to maximize impact.

Open Windows at Night

Luckily, summer nights give us a much needed break from the heat, which means you should make sure that your windows are kept open at night to let that cool night air into your home. Always ensure that you have screens on your windows so that you aren’t letting any bugs in along with the cool air. Once you wake up in the morning, close the windows to trap the cool air inside and keep the hot daytime air out.

Place Fans Strategically

Fans are your best friend if you don’t have AC in your home. A combination of ceiling fans and standing fans is ideal, although if you don’t have ceiling fans you can make do with standing fans and tabletop fans too. If you do have ceiling fans, be sure that your blades are set to spin the right way to keep you cool.

Use Chilled Towels

There’s only so much you can do to cool your home, but there are lots of ways you can keep yourself cool. One easy trick is to place damp tea towels in the fridge or freezer so you can have chilled towels at the ready when you need some instant relief.

Avoid Using Your Oven During the Day

On particularly hot days, avoid using your stove or oven during the day when temperatures are at their highest. You’d be surprised at how much this heat-generating appliance can heat up your home, even if it’s only used for a short period of time! Instead, Hardcastle recommends planning ahead and having no-cook meals at the ready or opting to barbecue to keep the temperature down in your home.

Opt for Light and Airy Fabrics

Another easy trick is to opt for light and airy fabrics for your clothing and around your home during the heat.

Install Awnings or Trees Outside

If possible, installing shade cover outside your home is a great way to minimize the amount of sun and heat that makes it inside the house. Think awnings, covered patios, large trees, shrubs, gazebos, shade tarps, and more.

Create a DIY Cooling Device

Create a DIY cooling system with just a few simple tools and supplies. All you need is a fan, some ice, some water, and a bowl or shallow tray.

Fill a shallow pan with ice and position it in front of a fan. As the ice melts, the fan will blow cool air across the room

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