8 outdated kitchen trends to leave behind in 2024 - keep your cooking space looking fresh and timeless

1. Handleless doors

When it comes to modern kitchen ideas, handleless cupboards are a popular choice. Inspired by Italian interiors, the clean lines and architectural aesthetic had us at hello, but we’ve since noticed some things we’d like to say ciao to.

2. Orange oak units

Like everyone else, we used to be obsessed with orange oak cupboards because of their natural appearance and warmth. Now, they look outdated and are hard to match to other features.

3. Cabinet skirting boards

We won't skirt around the issue - the skirting boards for the bottom of your kitchen cupboards need to go. Once a practical way to hide unsightly cabinet legs, these panels have become more of a hindrance than a help over time.

4. Open-plan layouts

Open-plan kitchen ideas were once loved for creating one, spacious zone where the whole family could hang out. However, now that we’re using our homes for working, exercising, and hosting, privacy has become more of a priority.

5. Granite worktops

We'll admit it - granite was our go-to choice for kitchen worktop ideas, thanks to its natural look and hard-wearing qualities. However, as each piece is unique, creating a cohesive finish is harder. Plus, there are just not as many colour options as we'd like, so it's difficult to find a design that suits every decor.

6. Matt black hardware

Everyone's been bonkers for black hardware over the last few years, and it's easy to see why. Equal parts edgy and sophisticated, dark fixings, like handles, taps, and hinges, made it easy to elevate our interiors quickly and cheaply.

7. Matching appliances

There's nothing that we love more than matching appliances. Coordinating kettles and toasters in fun colours is a great way to add a pop of colour to a kitchen, but what happens when one item in a set needs replacing?

8. Plinth lights

It's lights out for plinth lighting. Once a cool way to add glow to a kitchen, kickboard lights have fallen out of favour with design experts as trends move towards layered and task-orientated styles.

William agrees and says homeowners are switching off from these once-adored illuminations. 'Although plinth lighting looks lovely at certain times of the day, it's not practical for everyday tasks, like food prep or cleaning.'

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