8 interior design trends that will be everywhere in 2024

1. Brown Renaissance

In 2024, we will continue to observe design trends - moving from shades of gray to shades of brown. It will be seen not only in fabrics and textiles but also in wardrobes and cupboards. This wave of chocolate-neutral tones has also been noted in the New York Design Center's survey of design trends in 2024. More than 90 percent of respondents predict that brown will be the most popular color in 2024.

2. Sculpture art

"Wall sculptures offer so much depth and dimension. Prints behind glass can feel very flat. I like to mix and match artwork in different finishes, textures and shapes," explains designer Tara McCauley. She also points out that working to create an attractive background in a room is just as important as a beautiful view when you're facing your computer screen.

3. Steam extractor as a design element

"Hood covers often take a back seat in the kitchen design process, but I predict that they will get more attention in 2024. We will see bolder designs incorporating different textures on the hood, such as plaster or wood grain," says New York-based designer Hilary Matt.

"I think a big change in design in 2024 will be that more and more of my clients actually want to go back to 'dumb homes', at least that's what I call the opposite of smart homes! Cool blue lights and bright touch screens that light up when you walk at night past them, will no longer be as relevant as before," concludes designer Nodja Nožava.

4. Technology pause

5. Bold colors

Designer Leah Alexander claims that this will be the year to invest in energetic and bold color choices. "I see gray and white kitchens and the endless beige style fading away in favor of life, saturation and ever-sharper color combinations," says Alexandra.

6. Innovative materials

Designer duo Joel Wong and Amanda Gunawan predict a steady increase in the use of sustainable materials in both design and construction. Think unique products such as seaweed lamps, mycelium elements or Japanese chickui plaster made from natural seaweed fibres.

7. Cozy living rooms

"Down with white, cold living rooms. 2024 will be about a more organic and inviting feel to the space. Warm, textured spaces with natural materials in moody, earthy color palettes. We're moving away from stark whites and grays and moving more towards creams, browns, rusts and muted greens," says designer Alexis Pevs.

8. Personalized eclecticism

According to designer Keri Pilczyk, 2024 will be the year when decors with character and stories come first. "I think in 2024 we will see more personalized spaces and a rich color palette," says the designer. "Interiors will be more eclectic as people will use antiques and family heirlooms alongside new pieces," she adds.

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