5 smart ways to keep your home warm this winter

1. Draught-Proofing

There are countless gaps in our homes that we usually never even think about. However, these are letting out the warmth from, and letting the cold inside. Often you can fill all the gaps and holes yourself with some simple DIY.

2. Replace Windows With Modern Double Glazing

Windows are one of the most prone areas to heatloss in the home. An old single paned window will emit around 84% of a room’s heat into the cold air outside so it is definitely worth the investment.

3. External Door Replacements

Older doors are prone to holes and gaps which allows draughts to enter the home. Doors can often become warped and unsettled in their existing frame, which means its time for an upgrade.

4. Conservatory Refurbishments

Do you avoid this room in the winter because it’s too cold? Could this be your new home office? Making changes to your old conservatory can vastly reduce the amount of heat lost and make the space welcoming and usable all year round.

5. Cavity Wall Insulation

Most house dating from the 1920s onwards have cavity walls, yet insulation only tends to come as standard in those built in the past 20 years. Cavity walls are composed of two laters separated by a narrow gap, so they should be insulated to retain warmth. A registered installer can check whether your external walls are filled and, if not, their suitability for insulation.

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