8 Designer-Approved Furniture Trends to Look Forward to in 2024

Curves and Soft Lines

Sharp furniture lines will continue to dissolve into softer curves and forms. Caitie Smithe, designer and stylist at Walter E. Smithe Furniture and Design, says these trend indicates a preference toward more organic styles in furniture and home decor. “Straight lines aren't really inherently organic, whereas a curved line is more what you would see in nature,” she explains. Stephanie Bertha, co-owner of Barstool Comforts, agrees.

Plusher Seating

Comfort is king, and not just for the couch. You’ll see plusher cushioning for more types of seating, including upholstered seats and/or backs for barstools, especially those designed for use at the kitchen island or peninsula.

Multipurpose Furniture

A table is still a table, but where and how you use that table in your home is completely up to you. “Being able to take pieces and be more flexible with them is really important,” says Darrell Gardner, director of product development at CORT Furniture Rental.

Statement Pieces

Just as a statement necklace can enhance an outfit, statement furniture can transform a space. Smithe says that statement furniture is anything that becomes the focal point of the room, something that “when your friend comes over, the first thing they're gonna say is, ‘Oh, I love that.’”

It could be anything from a chair to a sideboard (or rather, a cabinet), Smithe says; any furniture piece that “separates [the room] from just some boring cookie-cutter space.”

Gold Framing

The resurgence of gold in home decor isn’t a flash in the pan. You’ll continue to see more of it glittering in furniture, especially gold-framed tables and chairs—including in the kitchen.

More Attractive Performance Fabrics

There once was a time when people with kids and/or pets had to default to more rugged, easy-to-maintain couch fabrics that could stand up to roughhousing, juice spills, and paw prints. Not so anymore. These days, performance fabrics—those that are durable and easy to clean—look just as good as more delicate upholstery.

Nostalgic Designs with a Modern Twist

You might be elated or dismayed to see that furniture designs from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s have found their way back into homes. “It is not an exact ‘80s or ‘90s replica but takes inspiration [from that time], whether it be with shape or pattern or color,” says Smithe.

Taking Risks With Upholstery Colors and Design

Gardner thinks people will start being “a little more adventurous” with their choice of textile colors and patterns. He notes that while there is an increase in popularity for mixed-media furniture—such as a coffee table made from metal, wood, and stone—it also comes with skyrocketing furniture prices as materials are sourced in different countries.

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