1. Spacious bedroom with panoramic window The interior of this bedroom was decorated in light powdery shades, and to make the room spacious, a loggia was attached to it.

2. Unusual bedroom in dark colors Irina Orekhova designed a private bedroom for relaxation. The wall behind the headboard was accentuated and covered with wallpaper with a unique pattern inspired by the Japanese kintsugi technique.

3. Turquoise bedroom with dressing room and laundry room In this apartment, the bedroom is the brightest room. The walls were painted turquoise. Due to white furniture and light textiles, the interior does not seem too saturated, but at the same time brings back memories of vacation to the residents.

4. Beautiful bedroom with separate bathroom and loggia A chic seamless wallpaper depicting crocuses was used behind the headboard. The rest of the walls were made light and the furniture was selected in soothing shades. The bed with an upholstered headboard and wood base fits perfectly here.

5. Spacious bedroom with a spacious dressing room Designer Aushrine Zheleznova decorated the interior in warm colors and added shades of blue, which the owner of the apartment loves very much. A parquet board was laid on the floor and washable wallpaper on the walls.

6. Cozy bedroom with home library The designer has created a cozy, warm interior in natural colors. The walls and ceiling were decorated with moldings. They put up a high bed with a soft headboard.

7. Dream bedroom with dressing room and work area The bright interior in soothing colors is ideal for relaxation. The walls were painted and decorated with moldings, and part of the wall behind the headboard was trimmed with wood paneling.

8. Cozy bright bedroom with a balcony The main accent was the wall behind the bed, made of soft fabric wall panels with brass inserts and symmetrically positioned along the edges of the mirrors.

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