8 closet decluttering tips to steal from professionals

1. Pick Your Approach – Categorize Or All-In-One

There are two main approaches to decluttering a closet: split it into categories or tackle it all in one go.

2. Use Different Organizers For Different Items

‘Use different methods for organizing and an array of the best bedroom organizers and closet organizers such as drawer dividers, shelf dividers, hooks, folding or rolling of items, and use velvet slimline hangers to allow more items to be stored in your closet,' Victoria Bance suggests. 'Always ensure items used every day are stored near each other and are easy to access.’

3. Consider The Reverse Hanger Technique

One of the best ways to avoid decluttering mistakes is to implement long-lasting methods that will help you manage your belongings in the long term.

4. Use The One In One Out Technique To Keep Clutter Down

‘My best advice is to stick to a one-in-one-out policy, so always have in mind when you shop or find something you like, that something else will have to make way for it,’ explains Gill Gudgeon, APDO member and founder of Restore the Calm. ‘Think of it like a bathtub, that if you continue to fill it, it will eventually overflow everywhere.

5. Work During The Day

The chances are that your closet may not have the best closet lighting ideas to illuminate your dressing area. This can make seeing what you have and decluttering what you need much harder.

6. Take Items Out That Aren't To Do With Getting Dressed

'Very often people have a mish-mash of items in their closet, with many items having nothing to do with getting dressed!' The Spark Joy Collective member, Jane Fern points out. 'The first thing I do when clearing out a closet is to empty it out completely so that you can see everything that has been kept in there.

7. Deal With Ill-Fitting Clothes Appropriately

When it comes to organizing clothes, getting rid of items that you may have once fit in but no longer can be difficult to come to terms with. Trying to be as ruthless as possible while also allowing yourself some leeway is the best approach to take if you find this process hard.

8. Learn To Work Around Sentimentality

'You also have to remove sentiment from the process; you may have once loved a garment and worn it a lot, but that doesn’t mean it deserves to stay and consume space,' Gill Gudgeon says.

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