8 Budget-Friendly Small Bathroom Remodels and Update Ideas

Before: Bare Bones and Limited Space

This space's layout and vintage fixtures didn't scare off the homeowner from a small bathroom remodel. Instead, she was inspired to work with what was already there. With a limited budget, she kept the layout of the existing plumbing and the pink bathtub, too.

After: Small Changes, Big Impact

The original pink cast-iron bathtub was the anchor in designing this small bathroom remodel. Beige grout was used for the floor and wall tiles to better match the rosy bathtub. A wood vanity (with lots of storage!) was installed and given a custom look with the inexpensive addition of arched metal legs and IKEA hardware.

Before: Outdated Wallpaper and Color Palette

This original small bathroom was covered in outdated wallpaper and a dull shade of yellow. The homeowner only used paint and limewash to completely change the walls of this space—no tile installation necessary. Installing tile can rack up a big bill when renovating, so finding ways to avoid it can save you thousands on your small bathroom remodel.

After: Bright and Airy Bathroom

The wall tiles were given new life with a few coats of white paint, and the old wallpaper was replaced with limewash. The salvaged vanity was painted black and a new faucet and hardware were added for a money-saving update. A fresh countertop was installed with a marble remnant, and a smaller mirror and sconces were hung to fit the size of the space better.

Before: Old-Fashioned Bathroom

After: Modern Black-and-White Bath

Before: Old, Impractical Bathtub

After: Stylish Small Bathroom Makeover

Before: Stuck in a Timewarp

After: Classic Small Bathroom Idea

Before: Opportunity for Bathroom Remodel

After: Eclectic Small Bathroom Design

Before: Basic and Boring

After: Posh Powder Room Remodel

Before: Utilize the Space You Have

After: Utilize the Space You Have

Before: Tight Quarters

After: Simple Small Bathroom Remodel

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