7 Tips for Updating your Living Room

1. Gallery Paintings not only decorate the interior but also contain a lot of hidden information. They revive memories and make you feel better, tell you what color you love and what aesthetic taste you have. Hanging and arranging works is an important point. But the main thing is not how, but what you lovingly hang. For example, images of dogs and cats or large-format abstraction.

2. Green Yes, green is beautiful. Flowers or green plants rejuvenate the interior. You can buy or use old pots and plant containers. Paint them green to give them a fantastic look. Add soil and plant flowers.

3. Spotlight A single lamp can change an entire interior. In the design of the living room, comfortable diffused lighting should be combined with accent lighting. A lamp that illuminates an object or wall with a special solemn look. Buying new lamps is always easier than furniture.

4. New furniture New furniture does not have to be bought. If you’re working on a budget, consider repainting old cabinets and replacing covers with sofa cushions. Fashionable accents will give a new low table (or better several) and an armchair.

5. New Rug A carpet that matches the colors of the walls can cause a real revolution in your interior. If you don’t want to paint the floor, but want to take a fresh look at it, then a carpet is a great idea. If you can not decide, you can use two monochromatic carpets – under the small one there may be a larger size and a different color.

6. Do a rearrangement It’s simple. At no cost, moving things from place to place. Sometimes it gives the feeling that I bought everything new. It’s good if everyone who enters the living room notices this change.

7. New color Discover the artist in you. Repainting all the walls is a problem. One wall is a small task. Do not be afraid not to get into the color, because a separate segment will not require a lot of paint and costs. It can always be repainted again. You can try to combine several colors in the interior of the living room, making sure that they are in harmony with other shades.

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