1. Everything in one color If you decorate the entire interior in one color and its many shades, the room will seem boring and tasteless. To make the interior look stylish and harmonious, you need to think over contrasting combinations, build accents. In addition, different color options still need to be able to combine correctly.

2. Infantilism When trying to create a cozy, feminine interior, it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, an apartment with an abundance of pink shades, ruffles, and floral patterns will look like a dollhouse. If you want to add tenderness to the interior, then use light neutral shades as a base.

3. Dust in your eyes Do not seek to furnish the apartment expensively. Prop decor will not make the interior better, but, on the contrary, will make it cheaper. Avoid artificial elements: plastic stucco molding, cheap photo wallpaper, wall paneling, imitation of natural materials.

4. Bright textiles with whimsical patterns Textiles are a full-fledged part of the interior. It can organically complement the furnishings, make it more comfortable and stylish, or, conversely, ruin the whole design. For example, a strange pattern on bedding with acid colors will destroy the harmonious setting of the bedroom and nullify the designer’s efforts. It is better to choose a single-color bedding set – it looks stylish and expensive.

5. Curtains with lambrequin Sophisticated multi-layer curtain designs make the interior tasteless. The trend is simplicity, lightness, and minimalism. In modern interiors, designers prefer to use laconic natural fabrics and when decorating windows they are guided by the rule: the less, the better.

6. Decorative tiles in the bathroom If the area of the bathroom is small, then the design should be modest and concise. The sophisticated tile decor will make the room visually even cramped and uncomfortable. Mixing tiles of different colors, borders, mosaics – all this should be avoided.

7. Colorful kitchen set Glossy acid-colored facades and an apron depicting flowers, fruits, or cities look pretentious and cheap. If you want your kitchen to look trendy and modern, opt for natural neutrals paired with wood or stone textures. Use a matte finish instead of shine.

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