7 Simple Decor Hacks To Add Happy Vibes In Your Home

Use Colours Wisely

To add positive and lively vibes, you don't need to go overboard with colours. Even with neutral colours or small pops of hues, you can bring an exciting feel to the spaces. Consider colour psychology to add the right impact and mood to your home. Different colours and shades of the same evoke different emotions. For example, yellow and orange tend to be high-energy and that's why they are a good option for living rooms, study rooms, and playrooms. Whereas colours like green, blue, and purple in variant tones make a viable choice for bedrooms, and meditation zones to evoke a sense of peace and tranquillity!

Make Your Bed Everyday

Making your bed after you get up in the morning should be inculcated as a habit. It may seem like a small gesture but it is super effective to add that tidy look to your bedroom every day. Plus, when you come back home after a tiring day, there is nothing like seeing a welcoming bed to relax and call it a day. Simply put, a tidy bedroom has a powerful effect on your mental and physical well-being.

Feature Greenery Indoors

Being surrounded by nature works wonders for your emotional and mental well-being. You learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life like admiring the vivid colours on a flower or leaf! This in turn helps us be compassionate about life around us and upscale the graph of happiness pretty organically. Consider adding beautiful indoor plants to your home and decorate the usual corners and surfaces in your home with them. For example, attractive succulents and mini plants make the best decor accessory to beautify the coffee table, side tables, consoles, shelves, or even windowsills. If the space permits, define the empty corners, an entrance foyer, a dining zone, a bathroom, and more with eye-catching floor plants!

Craft a Designated Spot

We all have one spot in our homes that gets labelled as "your" spot. That same chosen corner or space has a huge potential, decor-wise! So for example, if your favourite spot happens to be the one corner of the couch, then beautify it by adding one side console beside the same and elevate it further with things of your preference like books, fresh flowers, or even gadgets you use daily.

You can always create a "me" spot preferably near the window wherein you are exposed to natural light and fresh air. It attracts happy vibes while performing activities like reading, studying, meditation, painting, or relaxing while listening to your favourite songs.

Ensure to add essentials like a seating arrangement i.e. accent chairs, shelves or tables to place the objects, attractive lights i.e., pendant light, floor lamp, or table lamp, and of course soft furnishings like accent cushions and area rug!

Create a Relaxing Bath Space

How you keep your bathroom has a direct impact on your well-being! A clean bath space allows you to enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day and instantly refresh your mood. That's why ensure to define the bathroom with a cleaning regimen and elevate it further with attractive lights, fancy vanity mirrors, bath linens, and simple decor objects like mini plants, artwork, and more!

Let Your Home Smell Divine

Smell is a powerful tool that ignites positive affirmations, adds a sense of happiness and allows for appreciating the present time. Select aroma candles, reed diffusers, incense sticks, and essential oils and light them at your convenient time or occasion. Even fresh flowers added in a corner can make the space feel fresh and fabulous. Bedrooms and bathrooms are prime relaxing places or zones that need to smell fresh with pleasant fragrances.

Declutter and Enjoy a Clean Space

A clean space exudes positivity pretty organically. This simple rule requires dedication on your part. Ensure to remove objects from cabinets, shelves, and other storage spaces which you don't need or use anymore. Give it all off for charity or recycling requirements. It will leave your home feeling much-sorted and clean. It is not necessary to occupy every other surface with things. Learn to enjoy the certain "emptiness" in your home and life. This channels inner peace, and positivity, and gives you the correct direction about how to go forward in life and most definitely appreciate your space!

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