1. By the sofa A large artificial plant in a large planter will help fill the empty space by the sofa. It can be a palm tree or a monstera. When choosing a product, pay special attention to its quality.

2. Above the bed You can decorate the head of the bed in different ways, including inanimate plants. If there is an open shelf above the bed, put artificial flowers on it.

By the TV If the TV area has a chest of drawers or shelves, you can decorate them with a couple of plants in flowerpots or bouquets. The empty space next to the TV is best decorated with larger artificial flowers: for example, exotic palm trees in a floor planter.

4. On the dressing table A small beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers will decorate the dressing table in the bedroom, decorated in any style. Such a bouquet can be a good alternative to natural flowers, especially if you have no time to care for them or if one of the family members has an allergy.

5. On the coffee table Another good way to decorate a room with an artificial bouquet or a small potted plant is to put it on the coffee table by the sofa.

6. In an empty corner You can fill an empty corner in a room in different ways: put a lamp, an armchair, a bookcase, or a floor vase. Suitable for this and an artificial plant.

7. On the kitchen  worktop Another place where fake plants will look great is on the kitchen countertop. Place the flower pot in an empty corner or where there is free space.