7 most popular types of interior design styles in 2024

1. Modern Interior Design

A modern interior design style is one that has clean and simple color schemes (like monochromes), strong individual elements, and a welcoming feel. Usually, black and white dominate the color palette in modern interior design, but shades of reds, blues, greens, and other primaries are not uncommon.

2. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary literally means “marked by characteristics of the current period”. Contemporary style then would mean something in the lines of “in-the-moment” - the styles that are dominant now. This style has the most overlap with aesthetics from various other styles.

3. Minimalist Interior Design Style

The minimalist interior design style does what it says - it is minimal. The minimal interior design style originated in Australia and is still very popular. This style of interior home design emphasizes on the philosophy of minimalism in all aspects of your room or house.

4. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

This interior design style is a simplistic combination of various design styles that originated in the 20th century in Europe. This specifically points to the five Nordic nations of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. It leads to a simple yet cosy inlay of your home. One of the key philosophies of the Scandinavian (or just Scandi) style of interior design is the concept of ‘hygge’ - a Danish word that roughly translates to cosiness.

5. Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial Interior Design is an amazing blend of  style and utility. This style, as the name would lead you to believe, exposes certain aspects of the building construction that would otherwise be hidden in usual interior design. Good examples of these are bare brick walls, or pipes.

6. Eclectic Interior Design Style

This interior design style is highly personal and subjective. Eclecticism is all about being inspired from various types of interior design, and picking the best pieces from a diverse set of sources. Eclectic style homes are replete with contrasting style elements and bringing such items together lends a unique vibe to the space.

7. Bohemian Interior Design Style

The Bohemian interior design style (or the Boho interior design style) is a characteristic of free-spirited individuals who enjoy a combination of culture and style. This style is less rigid when it comes to structure and order and encourages blends in color combinations. A lot of natural elements and bold patterns are a mark of the bohemian interior design style. It consists of a lot of trinkets that adorn your spaces like items used to decorate the living room or the bedroom for instance.

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