7 main mistakes in the interior: what not to do

Incorrect organization of space The interior is a space for living, which, first of all, should be comfortable. No matter how luxurious the picture ends up being, if the functional areas are initially defined incorrectly, you will not be able to feel truly comfortable. So that life does not become a series of compromises for you, when determining the functional areas in the apartment, start with your daily routine and habits.

Conceived lighting script Properly selected lighting will help to place accents in the interior, create a certain atmosphere and even highlight functional areas. Or it can ruin the entire design idea in the bud – the interior will delight the eye in the light of day, but with the advent of twilight, the wrong artificial light will spoil the whole impression.

Uncomfortable colors It is easy to make a mistake when choosing an interior palette on your own. Moreover, there are several ways to do it. For example, combine incongruous shades. Even classic interior color pairs, such as blue + brown or gray + yellow, can turn into a fiasco if you don’t guess with the tone.

Redundancy In interior design, you need to know the measure, both with flowers, as well as with furniture and decor. Get rid of unnecessary things that you do not use for their intended purpose. Even works of art or antiques have their own function – decorative. If hundreds of other “ decorations ”  interfere with admiring them, the effect will be blurred.

Wrong proportions When choosing the size of the furniture, start with the area of the room and the height of the ceilings. Inappropriately bulky or, on the contrary, small furniture can spoil the whole impression of the interior.

Style imbalance Not everyone can competently combine style-forming elements, let alone mix interior styles. If you buy everything you like without thinking about style balance, the result will be style chaos.

Refusal of professional help Relying on your own strength is good, and seeking help from a professional is even better. Interior design is a delicate matter and it is better to entrust it to a specially trained person. You can independently decide on the style, functionality, and color scheme, but you will not be immune from mistakes.

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