4 items to never store under the bed, according to Feng Shui experts – 'they can be detrimental to your sleep!'


While you may be aware of the Feng Shui headboards, it's important to know that there are plenty of things to avoid under the bed too. First and foremost is anything that stimulates you and makes you feel active. When you're trying to unwind, the sight of dumbbell sets or a yoga mat could hinder sleep. Keep these in a separate room or inside a cabinet in your bedroom.


Similarly, keeping things that have emotional or sentimental value should be avoided. 'Do not store letters and documents under the bed; anything that is part of your past that you are trying to move on from.' To ensure you have a relaxing bedroom, keep the old memorabilia out of this space. This can keep you stuck in the past, and hamper the flow of qi. It’s one thing to take a trip down memory lane occasionally but sleeping above old memories every night is another thing.


Another big no-no for under bed storage is books. 'Avoid storing books under the bed,' says Feng Shui consultant Anjie Cho. 'These can be very stimulating and can keep you awake. Night is not the best time to be absorbing that kind of intellectual energy when you are sleeping; you want to absorb it when you are in a more conscious and awake state.'


'In general, it's a good idea to avoid any type of clutter under the bed,' says Anjie. 'Don't keep things that are collecting dust. This will indicate that there is a lot of neglect in your life. Clutter leads to stale energy, and this is what you will be cultivating when you are resting. Ideally, you should be rejuvenating and supporting your health. When you are sleeping, you are in a passive state and are absorbing all of the qi around you. This is not a place for stagnant energy.'


If yours is a small or studio bedroom and you do not have enough space to store things, there are a few items you could place under the bed. 'Bedding, seasonal clothing (storing your winter clothes there during the summer), towels, and overall neutral items that you do not have an emotional attachment to are still okay to store under the bed,' says Laura.

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