20 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas To Revamp Your Cabinetry

Bold Blues and Brass

When you get super creative with paint like artist Dorothy Shain did in her home, the hardware is the cherry on top. These burnished brass cup pulls are the perfect pairing for the blue cabinetry, which is coated in Sherwin-Williams’ Blustery Sky, SW 9140.

Traditional Latches

Traditional turn latches lend an old-school feel. In this kitchen, designer Stephanie Sabbe used a combination of latches and double knob drawers to give the farmhouse style an elevated look.

Edge Pulls

This style of hardware can give you a clean, barely-there look, or they can add ample interest, like these coastal-inspired, polished brass edge pulls from Modern-Matter did in the 2022 Idea House.

Polished Nickel on Black

It doesn't take a lot to add contrast to a dark backdrop. A mix of simple silver hardware (also used throughout the kitchen) on black cabinetry makes a just-right statement in this minimalist, modern-style Alabama cabin.

Recessed Pulls

For an extra seamless look and simplistic feel, consider recessed lifting handles that lie flush with the cabinetry. These matte black handles make an polished statement against the unstained wood without garnering too much attention.

Rustic Tones

Detailed antique-looking hardware from Whitechapel in two styles adds interest to the natural wood. This Virginia home is filled with nods to the land, including the salvaged fence boards used for the custom-made cabinetry.

Dual Direction Pulls

Mix the placement of the hardware with pulls installed vertically on upper cabinetry and horizontal on lower. To further dial up the charm, pair the sleek handles with a calming shade of blue-gray (Sherwin-Williams’ Krypton, SW 6247).

Chunky Silver and Bold Hues

This kitchen bar nook is all about making a statement. Thick and shiny silver hardware ties together the deep blue paint selection and charcoal gray, metallic-like backsplash.

Earthy Pairings

Consider the rest of your kitchen's color palette when making hardware selections. For this green (Sherwin-Williams’ Meander, SW9522) cabinetry, designer Laura Hodges chose matte copper-hued pulls and knobs.

Exterior Hinges and Painted Knobs

Let unique hinges shine while the knobs blend in with paint. Ben and Erin Napierwanted their new kitchen to feel like the rest of the 1930s home, which meant selecting exposed hinges.

Swan Neck Drop Pulls

Add elegance to a hardworking space with drop-handles. The V-groove cabinetry washed in Sherwin-Williams’ Black Fox, SW 7020 paired with a mix of hardware styles (mushroom knobs, cup pulls, and drop-handles) give this old home's kitchen an updated look.

Small-Scale Knobs

If you're not looking to make a statement with metal accents, small knobs and skinny pulls will blend right in. Even if you have tall kitchen cabinetry, that doesn't mean your hardware also has to be larger in scale.

Moody Black and Green

Two shades of green set the tone in this moody yet energetic kitchen, while a mix of matte black cabinetry hardware blends right in. Designer and homeowner Rali Classen tied in the black with a striped rug.

Subtle Details

Whether on the knob itself or a metal plate flush with the cabinetry, subtle details are an easy way to add character to your kitchen, no matter the color of the room.

Wrought Iron Feeling

Let bold hardware standout as a decorative element in any kitchen. In this light-filled kitchen, designer Whitney McGregor paired soft white paint and dark wrought-iron-mimicking exposed hinges and pulls to create contrast that catches the eye.

Ring Pulls

Designer Fran Keenen selected antiqued brass ring pulls to use throughout this farmhouse-inspired Birmingham kitchen, which complements the natural wood hues.

Contrasting Colors

In the 2020 Idea House, designer Lauren Leiss opted for darker metal cup pulls on the hardworking drawers, while porcelain cabinet knobs on the doors add a nice contrast and elevated feel.

Oversized Pulls

Oversized cabinetry handles are a fun way to make a statement without causing a kitchen feel too busy or crowded. The contrast between dark metal and a lighter paint color, like this gray-blue, also adds personality.

Natural Hues and Gold

Bring the outside in by selecting a natural shade to paint your cabinetry and pairing it with gold-toned hardware. In designer Caroline Brackett's renovated kitchen, she used a mix of knobs and pulls.

Patinaed Brass

Sometimes all it takes to revamp a kitchen is simply updating the hardware and giving the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint. In this kitchen, Molly Williams opted for Sherwin-Williams’ Extra White, SW 7006 and real brass hardware to brighten up the space.

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