The three kitchen organizers I seriously regret buying – and what I replaced them with

When organizing any space it is hard to avoid the appeal of all the organizers on offer. As a result, it is fairly normal for a non-professional to pick up pieces they later come to hate. This is certainly something that happened to me when I first organized a kitchen when I moved into my house a little over a year ago and I panic-bought organizers to establish some form of order from the get-go. I really came to regret three of the initial kitchen organizers I chose for the space – not only did they make my kitchen clutter worse rather than better, but made day-to-day life more difficult.

Kitchen Organizers I Regret Buying

It is important to remember that just because it might be a kitchen organizer professionals always buy, it may not work for you and your space. Really, you should use experts' thoughts as a guideline to help plan out your kitchen organizing system.


I am a keen home cook, so I always have a lot of herbs and spices in my cabinets at any one time. For a brief period, I kept a revolving spice rack on my kitchen counter with eight spices ready to grab. At first, I thought this would be a great way to keep my most commonly used herbs and spices within easy reach, but as my cooking style changed, the initial eight I picked out became redundant.


Storage bins are an essential kitchen organizer that every space needs, but I quickly learned that having fewer, larger bins was much easier to maintain than several smaller ones. In the past, I used three or four bins per shelf to organize dried food goods, loose packets, and boxes, but this became too much of a hassle when boxes were too wide to fit or they became full too quickly.


Organizing kitchen drawers can be a nightmare, so I originally picked up some fitted pre-divided drawer organizers to split up three of my four drawers. While these utensil organizers work fantastically for my cutlery, they were a hindrance to my utensil drawers. I simply couldn't fit some of the larger tools such as potato masher or wire spider in comfortably without them shifting and jamming the drawers. I swapped these out for a simple bamboo drawer divider from Amazon to split the drawers into two and three sections. These stopped my utensils from turning and getting stuck in the drawer while also keeping them straight and easy to sort through.

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