7 Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024, According to Designers

1. Mixed Eras

Mixing pieces from the past and present is a trend we’ve flagged recently that’s going to get even bigger in 2024. “A home that incorporates pieces from the past makes for a well-designed and thoughtful space,” explained Tracee Murphy

2. Deep Reds

The deep, rich tone works so well with neutrals and adds so much depth to a design.” Shea particularly likes using these colors alongside unlacquered brass. “I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this color sprinkled into spaces through millwork, mohair chairs, or sofas and accents come the new year,” said.Becky Shea.

3. Sustainable Furnishings

Now more than ever, it’s time to prioritize going green at home. Specifically, this trend entails sourcing items that are zero-waste, artisan-produced, or up-cycled, Murphy explained. “Ultimately, this is going to result in really interesting interiors,” she said. To start small, try shopping locally instead of at big-box stores, and consider how you can repurpose existing furnishings to feel new.

4. Bold Kitchens

Gone are the days of bland kitchens. As we head into 2024, we’re entering a new era of bold kitchen design. “White and neutral kitchen cabinets will begin to be phased out and be replaced by black, green, and wood,” said New York-based designer Emma Beryl Kemper.

5. Decorated Laundry Rooms

Folding clothes may not be your favorite chore, but hey, at least you can make your laundry room look nice and pretty! According to San Diego interior designer Tiffani Baumgart, jewel-box laundry rooms are having a major moment. “These hard-working rooms are going glam with shimmery finishes, richly patterned details, and even whimsical accessories,” she noted.

6. Colorful Palettes

“In 2024, I’m excited to bring on the color,” said interior designer Amy Forshew of Proximity Interior Design in Philadelphia. Neutrals may be timeless, but all-neutral palettes are getting a bit tired. “After a few years of beige design reigning supreme, we think design professionals and consumers are moving away from neutral, monochromatic, and muted spaces,” Forshew explained. “This year, we are focusing on layering in maximalist fabrics, accessories, and rich colors to express our personality and style.”

7. Entertaining-Focused Design

It’s time to make up for those lost years when we weren’t able to gather with family and friends. This attitude will definitely make its way into how we design our homes, Murphy said. “Gatherings are the focus of design in the upcoming year, where we are striving to emphasize rest and wellness as a priority,” she noted.

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