1. Balcony immersed in greenery Green plants will help to quickly adapt the balcony for the summer season and create the same atmosphere in a small space that reigns in nature at this time.

2. Cozy space with garlands Outdoor balconies rarely have lighting, and therefore LEDs in different formats are a real salvation for such spaces. In addition, garlands with lanterns will make the interior much more comfortable and attractive.

3. Minimalistic seating area on the balcony When it is not possible to go out into the countryside, and it is difficult to relax within the city, arrange a small oasis of calm on your balcony.

4. Beautiful loggia in eco-style Another way to quickly set up a stylish summer space is to use natural materials and textures. An excellent solution is wicker accessories like a rug, flower pots, napkins on the table, or mats covering the balcony partition.

5. Balcony with pallet sofa Do not know what furniture to put on an open balcony so that it looks stylish and organic, but at the same time is wear-resistant? Make your own budget option for pallet seats.

6. Laconic furnishings that complement the landscape In search of ideas for decorating a balcony for the summer,  just look out the window and be inspired by what you see. If there is a busy city street with skyscrapers, you can equip a laconic urban interior.

7. Balcony with bed You can go a little further and arrange the balcony not just as a recreation area, but as a full-fledged place to sleep. After all, what could be better than allowing yourself to take a nap in the fresh air for a couple of hours in an urban environment?