7 Grandmillennial decor ideas – for an elegant fusion of the old with the new

1. Comfort And Coziness Is Key

'In contrast to Mid-century modern decor, a Grandmillennial space invites you in, it exudes a sense of comfort and warmth, brought to life through the mix of natural materials such as wicker, rattan, and wood, paired with the beautiful organic texture of tassels, ruffles, and pleated skirts' says Roxy Owens.

Every room in your home should feel comfortable and functional, but Grandmillennial decor ideas elevate this sense of comfort and coziness through a rich use of texture and soft, soothing materials. From rugs underfoot to plenty of cushions and throws, comfort and coziness are key.

2. Pattern, Pattern And More Pattern

From ditsy floral wallpaper to decorating with stripes and checks, decorating with pattern can really bring a space to life, and for Grandmillennial decor, Roxy Owens says, 'think warm, gorgeously layered spaces, a mix of prints, patterns, colors, as well as textiles and passementerie galore.'

3. Bring In The Warmth Of Wood

In my mind, Grandmillennial reflects a renewed appreciation of the comfort, craftsmanship, and warmth of traditional design,' says interior designer and founder of Field Theory, Leah Harmatz. 'Some hallmarks of this style are floral fabrics and airy café curtains, pleated patterned lampshades, brown furniture, such as antique natural wood pieces from the 18th/19th century, and plush upholstery. There are many directions in which it can go, but I think it's helpful to balance these references to the past with more modern elements such as lighting and art to keep the design feeling fresh and relevant.'

4. An Eclectic Mix Of The Old And The New

'Today's Grandmillennials are choosing a mix of antique and modern pieces, and are really having fun with color, pattern, and texture. Go ahead and dust off those family heirloom chairs, but update them in a punchy new upholstery or, simply add a fun accent pillow,' says interior designer, Bethany Adams.

5. Embrace A Colorful Design

'Say goodbye to beige, a Grandmillennial makes an unapologetic stand for prints and color – it's what makes her heart sing!' says Roxy Owens. This year's color trends see a new wave of reimagined neutrals, such as embracing pinks, greens, and yellows for a more contemporary take on neutral room ideas, as well as celebrating color confidence, with many of us taking bigger and braver risks when it comes to room color ideas in our homes.

6. Style With Traditional Crafts

From furniture that embraces traditional craftsmanship techniques to styling your space with handmade accessories and vintage finds, these details will help to create an atmosphere rich in nostalgia and history. As interior designer Bethany Adams says 'grandma-like handicrafts, such as quilted, crocheted, and needle-pointed elements, all have a home in the new Grandmillennial decor.'

7. Celebrate The Beauty Of Contrasts

'We are celebrating the beauty of contrast in the home, and this means being comfortable to experiment with coordinating elements in unexpected ways, says Joanna Ross, general manager of product and innovation at Sheridan.

A Grandmillennial style embodies the beauty contrasts – you only have to look at the name to find that out! From uniting together different patterns to styling a space with antique furniture find and modern accessories, Grandmillennial decor is a chance to celebrate many eras of design; creating an eclectic, unique space bursting with both the new and the traditional.

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