1. Simple planning solution The basic rule when drawing up a planning solution is to reduce the number of partitions and walls. As a result, there will be fewer doors in the room, fewer surfaces to paint, and less wallpaper rolls, and other costs for finishing materials.

2. Inexpensive wall decoration It is generally accepted that when renovating, gluing wallpaper is cheaper than painting walls. And all because it does not require leveling surfaces. But Designers consider this option more costly during operation. Because sooner or later there will be a need to update some sections of the walls due to stains or mechanical damage. And you have to peel off the wallpaper from all over the room, primer, and glue new ones.

3. Inexpensive flooring We recommend purchasing one material as a floor covering for the entire apartment, except for the bathroom and toilet. The larger the volume of one type you purchase, the easier it is to get it at a favorable price and preferential delivery terms.

4. Only two lighting scenarios It is worth considering that repairs will be more expensive in the case of a large number of lighting scenarios. All this comes from the increase in wiring work, as well as the number of wires, sockets, and switches. In a budget renovation, we recommend sticking to two lighting scenarios: “working main lighting” and “rest time / romantic dinner”.

5. Saving on tiles When choosing ceramic tiles for the bathroom, use no more than three types of material. Manufacturers offer ready-made collections for walls and floors, and purchasing a large number of tiles in one place will significantly help save on shipping.

6. Correct calculation of the required material Be sure to check the estimates of the construction team for material costs and calculate everything yourself. For example, on all paints, they write the material consumption in liters per sq. m. Therefore, you just need to measure the perimeter of the room, multiply it by the height of the walls and subtract the area of windows and doors. So you will find out the required area for painting the walls and calculate the required number of paint cans. And you can easily figure out how many rolls of wallpaper you need.

7. Standard furniture At the stage of renovation, already plan the purchase of kitchen cabinets. This will help to take into account all the nuances and not overpay for non-standard furniture dimensions. Remember that finished furniture is always cheaper than custom-made furniture.

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