It is not always possible to put a large rectangular table in the center of the kitchen with chairs around the perimeter – often the realities are more modest.

1. Stylish dining area in the kitchen with an unusual layout The room in the photo is not small, but narrow, so the dining area was made compact. A round table is perfect for this purpose – it looks easy (especially with such an elegant leg in the center) and there are no extra corners that “eat up” space.

2. Mini-zone with a summer mood for breakfast Bar and semi-bar counters, like the example in the photo, are a great solution for small kitchens or apartments where a full-fledged dining room is located separately.

3. Simple square table for two in a white kitchen In this kitchen with a corner set, the decision to make a compact dining area is not dictated by the size of the kitchen, but rather by the desire to leave free space around.

4. Cozy area with a round table by the window Here, the arrangement of a very small dining area was determined by the modest area of the kitchen itself. However, the interior still looks harmonious.

5. Small and very cozy dining area with a bench A great solution in a compact dining room is to put a mini sofa or bench. For example, in this interior, she successfully got into the resulting niche.

6. Compact kitchen with folding table A folding table is another ergonomic solution when the dining area needs to take up a minimum of space. For a family of two or those who eat separately at different times, this is the optimal format.

7. Round table in the living room As we noted above, any table can be moved away from the wall in order to additionally fit one or two people behind it. But you can unlock the potential of the round model even more if it always takes place in the center of the room.