7 biophilic bathroom designs that inspire us to go green

A Bohemian Greens Covered Jacuzzi

Influencer and celebrity Kusha Kapila’s Gurugram apartment is a bohemian wonderland. From use of natural light to the pearl strings hanging around, her love for nature shines through her design choices.

A Mix Of Traditional Earthiness

It was a chance encounter that led the homeowners, a well-travelled Bengaluru-based couple, to Ganesh Nair. Turned out, it was kismet. "They had recently purchased a villa in GoodEarth Malhar, an eco-village known for its Kerala-style architecture, and were keen on reflecting the style indoors too," recalls the founder and principal designer of Whitespace, who visited the family's previous home in a bid to gauge their style.

A Rooftop Jacuzzi Surrounded By Gardens

Taking the concept of biophilia up a notch, this magnificent abode in Kochi features many nature-inspired themes across the house. The designers do not compromise on the overall opulence while bringing the natural elements into the mix.

A Hawaiian Abode With An Outdoor Shower

The California-based couple found their safe sanctuary in the sunny lands of Hawaii. Minimalistic values define the serene home. An ode to the inhabitants homeland - India, was paid through selection of a variety of Indian textile designs. Along with it the architects were given a book on Vastu Shastra.

A Green And Sustainable Bathroom In Alibaug

Villa Uma was designed around four mango trees that existed on this one-acre plot long before the Poddars purchased it 15 years ago. The fruit of Barclay and his team’s labour is a quietly luxurious, minimally designed home, built with black basalt and coloured plaster. It is smooth, sustainable, wildly landscaped, and shy to reveal its best details. - Kanika Parab

A Skylight Adorned Roof Bathroom

The residents of a 3 BHK villa in Bengaluru inhibit a deep love for tropical and botanical elements, They wanted their home to reflect the same. On third floor of their Palm Jumeirah-inspired abode, rests an outdoor bathroom, attached to the splash pool.

A Garden of Eden Inspired Kozhikode Home

The name ‘garden in the sky’ suits this stunning Kozhikode apartment, the duplex is inspired by Garden of Eden, and is a magical sanctuary for anyone who passes by. The home is surrounded by green plants on all sides giving it an illusion of seclusion. The floors are covered with black lava stone, while the walls are covered in a shade of cement oxide. This gives an earthy freshness to the entire area.

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