7 big bathroom trends for 2023, according to the experts

The bathrooms of 2023 really are the place to be: self-care is top priority and design trends are following suit.

'There is no doubt that the bathroom has changed from being a strictly functional room in the house to a space with masses of design potential,' says Zoe Jones, Senior Content Producer and Interior Designer at Roper Rhodes. 'The demand for stylish and trend-led bathroom fittings and fixtures will continue well into 2023 and beyond.'

1. Warm metallics

A brushed metallic is a fail-safe finish in a bathroom – softening the shine from brass or gold fixtures mitigates the risk of your space appearing gaudy.

'Warmer tones are most likely to dominate bathroom trends in 2023 as well as more neutral and earthy tones, so a brushed bronze finish is the perfect complement to these design schemes thanks to its contemporary design and warm contrasting tones,' says Jeevan Seth, CEO of Just Taps Plus.

2. Chequerboard tiles

Chequerboard flooring is part of a wider trend towards vintage references in the home – low-slung 70s style sofas are becoming increasingly popular, rattan used in abundance in homeware, and sweet nostalgic accents like pantries and breakfast bars are returning to our kitchens.

3. Black bathrooms

While neutral bathrooms are still a great way to create a spa-like sanctuary, black bathrooms are on the rise – note the 33,000 #blackbathroom Instagram posts for inspiration.

'Colour will continue to make an impact, we’ve seen a distinct increase in the sales of black, from accessories right through to taps and showers, whilst nickel and brass tones are beginning to make an impression,' says James Sketch of KEUCO.

4. Freestanding baths

The popularity of the freestanding bath gives a sense of how luxurious bathrooms are becoming – this is a design choice geared towards self-care, encouraging more time spent in a state of rest and relaxation.

5. Spathrooms

Spa-inspired bathrooms, or 'spathrooms', will be one of the leading bathroom trends in 2023, influenced by the growing popularity of spaces within the home created to support rituals of self-care.

6. Colour drenching

For those averse to the black bathroom trend, we're also seeing the polar opposite emerge in the form of colour drenching – saturating a space with intense colour full of impact.

7. Small space solutions

Maximising our ever decreasing floorspace with clever storage solutions, floating vanity units, and narrow bathroom furniture will be a priority for homeowners in 2023.

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