7 Best ways to lighten up a dark room

A well-lit space makes the interior more attractive, and directly affects the emotional well-being of a person. A room full of light and air is uplifting and can even reduce stress levels. We answer the question of how to make a dark room brighter with seven tips.

1. White color The easiest and most logical way to lighten up a room is to paint the walls and ceiling white. Light shades do not absorb light, but rather reflect it. A white apartment seems to be filled with light and air, light walls make it visually larger – this is especially important for small apartments.

2. Natural materials and indoor plants Natural materials, in particular wood, will help to freshen up the space and make a dark room brighter. In a dark interior, it is preferable to use light wood for finishing the floor. If there is no opportunity to replace the floor covering, then indoor plants will give comfort and freshness to the space.

3. Light and shadow Another obvious way to lighten up a dark room is to rethink interior lighting scenarios. If there is only one ceiling light in the room, you need to add lights around the perimeter and especially pay attention to the walls. In this case, do not overdo it with the brightness of the bulbs.

4. Window decor Making a dark room brighter will help competent window design. The most trendy window decor is its complete absence. A restrained approach dictates a passion for minimalism, Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. Of course, without curtains, more natural light penetrates into the interior.

5. Mirrors Reflective surfaces will help double the amount of natural light. A mirror across from the largest window will reflect the light and help brighten up a dark room. Other glossy surfaces also work for this solution, for example, polished metal in accessories, lamps and furniture.

6. Minimum furniture The ideas underlying the aesthetics of minimalism are emptiness and silence, the rejection of things. Furniture occupies a large part of the space and greatly affects its perception. Deciding to create a minimalist interior, you need to remove all unnecessary.

7. Translucent partitions Loft partitions, glass blocks, doors with glass inserts help make the whole room or part of it well-lit with daylight. Translucent partitions for open spaces perform the function of zoning and do not block natural light. To ensure privacy, designs are complemented with thick curtains or use corrugated or smoked glass.

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