7 best trees and shrubs to soundproof your yard

1. Spruces

A spruce is a hardy evergreen tree or shrub which grows all year round — you may know it for its popular use as a Christmas tree over the holidays. There are 35 species in total, which range in color and shape. But, one thing they all have in common is a dense foliage of square-shaped needles. These often grow close to the ground, resulting in an effective noise barrier as well as sufficient protection from the wind.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is famous for its fast-growing and hardy nature. It’s also known to be unruly, which it’s one of the 9 invasive plants to keep out of your yard. However, there are two types of bamboo to be aware of — ‘running’ and ‘clumping’. ‘Running’ can grow out of control quickly, spreading via rhizomes underground, so steer clear of this invasive variety. Whereas ‘clumping’ is easier to manage and generally considered to be non-invasive. It clumps as it grows to form a dense wall and remains compact in nature.

3. Pines

Pines are another evergreen variety of tree (and, more rarely, shrub) which can grow to enormous heights — some can reach over 100 feet tall. They appear very similar to spruces in that the foliage consists of dense needles, but while the needles are attached to the tree individually for spruces, they form in clusters on pines. Pine trees are effective at blocking sound thanks to this same dense nature. Plus, they can create added shade for your yard and act as an effective windbreak.

4. Arborvitaes

Also known as thuja, arborvitae is another evergreen tree or shrub which provides coverage all year round. Its scale-like leaves form a dense and almost ‘fluffy’ appearance, which gives it a hedge-like nature when lined up. It produces a fresh citrusy aroma and the wood itself supplies arborvitae oil, which features warm and earthy tones. This is readily available to buy online, such as this Like Mine Arborvitae Essential Oil ($8, Amazon). It has more uses than this though — that same dense foliage provides an effective barrier against noise.

5. Boxwood

Boxwood is one of the best shrubs for shaping and landscaping. It produces thick and dense foliage which can be trimmed into the perfect hedge — so get your best pruning shears and best gardening gloves ready. As another evergreen option, it provides color and structure throughout the year. And seeing that some varieties can reach heights of up to 20 feet, it’s ideal for keeping excess noise to a minimum. As with other options on the list, its soft structure will absorb noise better versus hard foreign objects, such as a wooden fence.

6. Ground cover

We’ve mentioned a fair few trees on this list so far, but if the foliage doesn’t reach all the way to the ground, there’s still space for noise to travel. Ground cover plants can help you out here. These grow low and wide, which makes them effective at covering bare soil spots where weeds can easily crop up. If you opt for a dense broadleaf variety, it can also fill in the gap beneath the trees, so to speak, and provide added noise reduction.

7. Hollies

Hollies can add a splash of color as well as festive cheer to your yard, and being mostly evergreens, they’re here to stay throughout the year. These pretty shrubs and trees are filled to the brim with berries during the winter, providing some much needed color when your yard is covered with snow. And thanks to their dense (and spiky) nature, noise won’t travel through it so easily — not even festive carols!

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