7 of the Best Shrubs for Privacy That are so Much More Than Simply Plants for Screening


Choose a few of one of the taller varieties of mock orange like 'Snow Storm' and plant them in a row as a flowering privacy hedge in your front yard. Position the plants 30 inches apart to create a screen. If you have space, arrange plants in a loose zigzag pattern for a more naturalistic look.


Butterfly bush is a vigorous-growing, flowering shrub that produces large colorful flower spikes in summer and fall. Each flowering head is made up of lots of small individual flowers that produce large quantities of nectar, which makes them one of the best flowers for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Once the flowers fade be sure to remove any unsightly brown heads to improve the look of your shrub.


Arborvitae has a columnar, narrow growth habit and densely packed foliage, making it one of the best trees for privacy that can also be grown as shrubs. The foliage is soft to the touch and a vibrant shade of green, enhancing the overall beauty of your landscape at the same time. It's especially suited to privacy hedging. Plant along the edge of your property or use it to screen different areas of the yard.


With its useful upright habit American beautyberry, which you can find at Walmart, is one of the best screening shrubs for your yard if you live in Zones 5-10. It stays slim and stands upright to slot into even small-space gardens. It makes a spectacular backdrop for perennial plants too.


This gorgeous ornamental shrub with its dark foliage and elegant pale pink spring flowers looks stunning if you use several across your property line to blur the boundary and add a sense of privacy. You can use it to extend the height and improve the look of any wall or fence.


Rhododendrons are one of the best shrubs for privacy as they grow up to 15 feet tall and really bush out so you can definitely count on them to screen a view if needed. Glossy evergreen leaves that are a year-round feature and colourful clusters of saucer-sized blooms means rhododendrons one of the best flowering shrubs to add to your collection.


Fast-growing cherry laurel is a landscaper's dream as you can use it to create a living privacy screen in your yard. It's easy to grow several in a row to make an effective screen. The glossy dark green leaves are a year-round feature as these shrubs are evergreen, so it makes the perfect shield if you want to create your own very private space.

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