7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Might Not Even Realize You're Making

Matchy-Matchy Bedroom Sets

Don’t simply add a set of pieces to your shopping cart and call it a day—the box set look is something that many designers will advise you to avoid. As Leah Ashley states, “Going that route can make your room feel heavy and shows a lack of personality.”

Decorating With Vibrant Colors

Bright colors are a mistake with bedroom design, this is because they can disturb your sleep

Improper Window Treatments

You’ll want to avoid leaving windows bare or installing curtains that are not sizable enough or hang too short

Poor Lighting

You’ll want to ensure that your bedroom is well-lit for late-night reading, but when it comes to bedside lamps, don’t purchase two different styles that aren’t the same height.

Not Placing Anything at the End of the Bed

What a missed opportunity

Not only for added interest and texture but also a nice home for those throw pillows you toss off your bed before climbing in.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to settling on an end-of-bed piece. Sherman is partial to a bench, two ottomans, or even a small sofa.

A Bed in a Bag Set

Just like you’ll want to avoid matching furniture sets, the same concept applies to bedding. Beds are more interesting, beautiful, and functional with a mix of linens, instead of a matching set.

Why are duvet covers so great? As they’re easy to change with the seasons and can be washed regularly. “Forget dry-cleaning that synthetic comforter for a fortune once a year.”

Neglecting the Space Altogether

Just because your bedroom is your retreat and not a public gathering space doesn’t mean that you can’t make it special.

“To me, it feels like a mistake to treat bedrooms as an afterthought just because guests don't usually see them,” Katie Holloman explains. “I often hear clients talk about bumping down their own spaces on their priority list in favor of the more ‘public’ spaces in their home—I think it's important to carve out a space that you enjoy whether or not anyone else ever sees it.”

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