1. Watering can “Wattenkrasse” Can’t imagine how ordinary watering can make the interior more expensive? The secret is simple:  elegance is in the details. You can buy a luxurious sofa or a painting from a famous artist, but little things like old plastic watering can ruin the whole impression of the interior.

2. Holder for books “Spile” A rich library has been and remains a sign of the good taste of the owners of the house. But in order for open shelves to look aesthetically pleasing, it is better to leave free space between stacks of books.

3. Vase “Constfull” Not only golden glossy surfaces look expensive. For example, add a frosted translucent glass vase to the interior. The deep green hue will blend with plants and fit into any color scheme.

4. Handmade carpet “Melholt” Handmade carpets ennoble the space, add coziness, and set the right accents. In addition, each handmade item is unique, which is important for those who want to design an elegant and individual interior without template solutions.

5. Mirror “Honefos” To make the interior look like a designer was working on it, use different textures in the decoration. For example, a wall panel of mirrored hexagons will look spectacular. The simple geometric shape allows for an interesting arrangement, and mounting these mirrors is easy thanks to the included double-sided adhesive tape.

6. A plant in a spathiphyllum outdoor pot Large indoor plants will help to make the interior spectacular. Place the spathiphyllum next to the sofa in the living room or near the desktop in the office, and the interior will immediately sparkle in a new way.

7. Mirror “Engabuda” To add variety to wall decor, use a mirror. Let it be small, in a beautiful golden frame. Such decoration will add vintage motifs to the interior and hint at the history that lies behind the object.