6 Vintage Flooring Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2024

1. Checkerboard Tiles

Modeling a classic design and geometric formula, checkerboard tiles are making a noteworthy comeback right now. "Echoing the principles of maximalism, these tiles intermix patterns, layers, and depth, resulting in a lively visual impact," Eylor says. "The inspiration behind this design may stem from a desire for a retro ambiance with a modern twist."

2. Terra-Cotta

According to Kat Coleman, interior designer at Grip Construction, Inc., there's also been a resurgence of terra-cotta lately, and in Saltillo tiles especially. "You can get terra-cotta tiles in many places, but Sautillo is unique for its clay color and handmade finish, sustaining its extreme desirability in California and the West Coast especially," Coleman says. "There's an uneven surface; every tile is unique, which creates a lot of texture in a space because of the deep grout lines—though some people may find that a challenge."

Coleman, who often works with clients looking to restore old Spanish revival-style homes or spaces with a Mediterranean aesthetic, uses 12x12 squared Saltillo tiles to design a warm look full of color variance. She also uses Saltillo tiles to bring the outdoors in, one of her go-to design techniques for laying out one contiguous floor, which allows for "an easy, stylish transition from interior to exterior," she says.

3. Original Wood Flooring

Old-style wood floors are also starting to have a moment. "There's a huge request to restore old home flooring versus installing new floors, but it's harder to find that narrow length that was common before," Coleman says. Vintage wood flooring (which can either be repaired or pieced in) typically used planks with an average width of 1.5" and were usually constructed of red oak, which lends a cozy, nostalgic addition to any interior.

4. Victorian Floors

Paying tribute to the Victorian era, these flooring styles range from monochrome shapes to rustic motifs, radiating "a traditional aura that fuses together rich colors and intricate patterns," Eylor says. You can expect to see Victorian-style flooring in foyers and entryways this upcoming year, adding beauty and charm to even the tiniest of spaces. "The elegance and detailed craftsmanship embodied by Victorian tiles serve as a significant inspiration for their renewed popularity," Eylor says. The vintage-inspired floor tiles pair well with current maximalist home decor trends as well, because of the colors and patterns used.

5. Terrazzo

"Terrazzo flooring offers a multitude of expressive possibilities, and its appeal lies in the opportunity to use various materials to craft a customized look resembling art," Eylor says. Because terrazzo is a composite material typically made from a mix of chips of glass, granite, quartz, or marble mixed with an epoxy resin, it instantly adds textural interest and contrast to any space.

6. Classic Hex or Penny Mosaic Tiles

Contemporary iterations of this classic mosaic are flooding the decorating scene right now, thanks to its retro appeal and easy installation. "You see a 1920s influence, almost a tiny splash of art deco," Coleman says. "I have a lot of requests for this coming back, especially in bathroom flooring." This iconic mosaic look embraces a black and white color scheme, lending a versatile update to traditional and modern interiors alike. If you're after a softer, curvier aesthetic, you'll find this same look in another high-style shape: The round penny tile.

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