6 Vegetables to Plant in April for a Bountiful Organic Harvest Later This Year


Lettuce is an easy-grow making it the perfect choice to start a vegetable garden. Not only is this plant surprisingly low-maintenance but it's usually ready to harvest within just 30 days from the time of sowing. Zahid Adnan, founder of The Plant Bible, tells us that April is the best time to plant lettuce and other salad greens in your backyard. 'Lettuce prefers cooler temperatures so be sure to choose a spot that receives partial sun,' says Zahid. 'When planting outdoors, make sure to choose a cloudy day or do it during the late afternoon to prevent the seeds from drying out.'


Radishes are excellent companion plants which makes it all the easier to incorporate them into your edible garden. Just three weeks in and this root vegetable will likely be ready to harvest, and Zahid tells us that their fast-paced growth allows you to plant them multiple times throughout the growing season.


April is a great month to try your hand at growing peas. These hardy green legumes are simple to care for and nutrient-rich, which makes this a lovely option for beginner gardeners.


Imagine looking for a sweet veggie to add to your salads or to pickle for sandwiches, and all you'd have to do is walk the length of your backyard and collect the ripe beets growing in your garden. It's truly the simple pleasures that add joy to our lives and we can stand by the fact that an at-home vegetable patch will bring you both happiness and health.


Carrots can satisfy a significant volume of your daily vitamin intake and they're all the better when you know for certain that they're free from all of the nearly unpronounceable additives that are commonly scrawled across supermarket packaging.


Known for its health benefits, kale is a leaf cabbage that is commonly found in salads and sandwiches. Instead of overspending on a bag of tired-looking crushed kale leaves, you can plant it in your veggie patch and indulge in the nutrition in a far more sustainable way.

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