A dark apartment is a real problem. The lack of daylight has a bad effect on our mood and well-being, it can even cause apathy and depression. And a poorly lit room looks cramped even with solid dimensions. Usually residents of high-rise buildings with small windows oriented to the north face this problem. But with the approach of winter – almost everything. Our tips will help not only visually make the interior lighter, but also really increase the amount of daylight in the apartment.


1. Remove everything from the windows For maximum light to enter through the window, nothing should interfere with it on the way.

2. The balcony Most often, the darkest room in the apartment is the one with a balcony. Glazing, curtains, and trash on the balcony interfere with daylight. But even in this case, the problem can be solved.

3. Add mirrors A simple but effective way: hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window and the amount of light in the room will double.

4. Use light shades Dark colors absorb light, while light colors reflect. Moreover, the closer the shade to white, the greater its reflectivity.

5. Add “sun” To make the interior warmer and happier, add sunny colors: yellow, orange, and red. Or more muted warm shades: peach, powdery, sandy, pale pink.

6. Consider artificial lighting In dark rooms, artificial lighting should be given special attention – one chandelier on the ceiling is definitely not enough.