6 Tiny Tweaks That’ll Make Your Living Room Instantly Cozy

Arrange your furniture to facilitate conversation

If you have a large or open-concept living room, Scharer recommends arranging your furniture in a way that encourages conversation. For bigger spaces, this usually means pulling furniture like couches and chairs off the wall, then centering them around a focal point like a fireplace, area rug, or coffee table. Essentially, Scharer says your furniture should be styled for close talking proximity versus feeling like you’re yelling across the room at someone.

Prioritize window treatments

Even if you prefer to let the natural light in and enjoy the view out of your windows at all times, adding curtains, drapes, or shades helps lend a cozy touch. “Without window treatments, the room might feel cavernous and sparse,” says Kristen Scharer, founder and principal designer of Ohio-based Kristen Scharer Interiors. “Add some window treatments and your room will instantly feel more intimate, cozy, and complete. It’s like a blanket for your room. It softens the sound, the lights, and the overall feel of the space.”

Bring in natural elements

Plant lovers, it’s your time to shine! According to designers, adding natural elements like houseplants to your living room can help the space feel more cozy and inviting. “Creating a connection with nature always makes a room feel more welcoming,” says Stein. Beyond plants, Stein recommends decorating with woods in warm colors and stains along with other natural materials like stone or clay. Woven baskets also work well as stylish storage or to display decor.

Fill the space with an area rug

Don’t forget about your floors! “Bare floors feel cold to the touch and leave the room looking unfinished with nothing to anchor the furniture,” says Laura Stein, founder and principal designer of Toronto-based Laura Stein Interiors. “Add in an area rug, and you’ve instantly elevated your room.”

Texture, texture, texture!

According to designers, the key to making any space feel cozy is speaking to the senses. On top of addressing the lighting, this can include adding pleasant scents (thank you, candles!) and introducing plenty of texture with tactile touches and layering.

Add soft lighting

Skip the bright overheads, and incorporate plenty of warm bulbs in your living room. “Bright lights can really scream, so lose any harsh white light from overhead fixtures or table lamps,” says Valerie Helgeson, founder and lead designer of Design Directions in Oklahoma City. “Change out the light bulbs to an environmentally friendly LED in a soft white.”

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