Among such mistakes are incorrect zoning and lighting, furniture for growth, and too bright colors. What other omissions are possible when repairing a nursery – we explain in our article.

The ideal children’s room is comfortable, functional, beautiful, made of quality materials and adaptable for different ages. But in practice, such a balance is not always achieved.

1. Wrong zoning One of the most common mistakes when renovating a children’s room is incorrect zoning. If the room is a single space for sleeping, playing, studying and relaxing, it becomes chaotic, and the child’s attention constantly switches from one activity to another.

2. Poor storage systems Another omission when repairing a nursery is ill-conceived storage systems. In children’s rooms, there is always a large concentration of toys and things, so it is necessary to provide where to store all this.

3. Poor quality finish Among the mistakes that are common when repairing a nursery is the use of low-quality finishing materials. They can be not only short-lived but also harm the health of children – for example, cause allergies. We are talking about cheap synthetic materials (varnishes, paints that emit toxins), cheap laminate or linoleum, and artificial wool in textiles.

4. Too bright colors and too childish prints Often, when renovating a children’s room, parents choose bright colors or prints that can quickly get boring and cause increased excitability. Designers are advised to give preference to a neutral range, and color accents can be placed using furniture or decor elements.

5. Wrong lighting Often an omission in the nursery is incorrect and insufficient lighting. According to the designer of Domeo, it is better to use warm main light, and in addition to it, decorative multi-level lighting.

6. Microclimate Often, parents do not attach sufficient importance to indoor air exchange, although clean air flow is very important for children.