6 living rooms with stunning wallpaper on the walls

1. Wallpapers with a summer mood in a beige living room The interior in the photo, although made entirely in the white and beige range, does not look boring and flat. The backdrop for this tranquil setting is the famous Swedish wallpaper with a floral pattern by Borastapeter. Noticeable and quite variegated, they do not overload the room, but on the contrary, as if they “let in” more air into it. This effect is created due to the summer motif of wallpaper without excessively bright colors. An active repeating print on all walls is an excellent basis for monochrome furniture and monochrome textiles.

2. Solid mini living room with classic-style wallpaper English classics appear in all their glory in this solid interior. Sets the tone for the situation, of course, the decoration of the walls – wallpaper with a print of the famous artist William Morris. Here they decided not to experiment and not to play on contrasts: furniture, accessories, and decor in style and color correspond to the wallpaper. The multifaceted coffee palette involved in the intricate pattern on the walls is complemented by a brown armchair a chest of drawers, and beige textiles.

3. Spring-style light interior with wallpaper on the accent wall A completely different mood in this sunny living room. Butterflies, birds, and flowers on the accent wall, covered with English nonwoven of the Sanderson brand, set up a light spring mood. The hostess supported this mood with light furniture and colorful textiles. It repeats the colors of the pattern on the wallpaper: blue, pink, and yellow. At the same time, different prints are also involved – a summer sketch on the wall, a colorful carpet, and a colorful chair in a zigzag.

4. Catchy wallpaper with floral print in a cozy room Another option is how you can fit a catchy print from William Morris into the interior. The owners decided not to “go” into the absolute classics, but to make the situation softer and cozier, with a vintage touch. Only the accent wall is pasted with wallpaper, and it is not entirely – the lower part is decorated with decorative panels of complementary shade.

5. Living room with “character” and unusual accent wallpapers The eclectic living room in the photo is an unusual mixture of bohemian style with Memphis and Art Deco. This is the case when the wallpaper is not the background for the rest of the situation, but only a detail in the mosaic of the interior. A slightly crazy print with rhythmic abstraction and small tigers is combined in the room with a leopard print, bright colors, a variety of textures. At the same time, the leading motifs can also be traced: the pink background of the canvas is used for the floor, other walls, part of the textile.

6. Cozy room in a rustic house with rhythmic wallpaper We will complete our selection with a relaxed interior of the living room with a touch of country music and stunningly beautiful wallpaper around the perimeter. Swedish Borastapeter canvases with an abstract repeating pattern are the main accent of the room. Despite the activity of the drawing, they glued the whole room. This made it possible to make a large area of the living-dining room, as well as its discreet atmosphere: a soft group in gray, a lot of wood, calm accessories.

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