6 Kitchen Design Trends Going Away In 2024

White Kitchens

White kitchens have been the predominant look for years now. But in 2024, this aesthetic will officially look dated. There’s a good reason for this, explains interior designer Kate Dawson, “People are tired of everything looking bland—and looking the same as everyone else's kitchen.”

The Farmhouse Aesthetic

Unless chickens are running around outside the window, most people are going to be avoiding this aesthetic like an impending storm knocking around a weather vane. “The sliding barn door has been dead for a while now, and kitchens that speak to a rustic farmhouse, especially in urban areas, are another trend that will continue to phase out,” explains agent Steven Gottlieb of Coldwell Banker Warburg.

Matte Black Hardware

For the past few years, it seemed that it was almost impossible to get away from matte black hardware. But, in 2024, black knobs should be pulled entirely from your kitchen’s design scheme. “Cabinet hardware is an easy way to update a kitchen’s look, and matte black hardware had its day,” says Gottlieb. “We will likely see matte black drawer pulls, faucets and cabinet handles continue to be phased out. In the past few years, black matte hardware seemed ubiquitous in less expensive developments and rentals that had been updated inexpensively, and that can sometimes be the death knell for a trendy look from years past.”

Combined Stove And Oven Ranges

Whether they were high-end like La Cornue or mid-priced like Café appliances, big statement ranges have been a popular look for many years now, but Gottlieb tells me that there's a new gravitation toward separate stoves and ovens. “Kitchen design has been trending toward a more integrated look for years now, with appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher blending seamlessly with the cabinetry for a sleek look,” says the agent. “In higher-end kitchens, stovetops and ovens are being separated more and more, with ovens and microwaves integrated into the wall and stovetops flush with the countertops.”

Visible Appliances

Along the same lines, visible kitchen appliances will also be out of style in 2024. “Appliances are certainly necessary in a kitchen, however, concealing them is becoming even more popular. We’re seeing a rise in panel-ready appliances, which allow for a custom panel to be installed on top of a refrigerator or dishwasher to seamlessly integrate them into kitchen cabinetry,” says Scheck. “Butler’s pantries and appliance garages are also becoming increasingly popular, which allow the countertop to remain clear.”

High Contrast Graphic Tile

The high-contrast graphic tile started to gain steam around 2019. However, this look was a flash in the pan according to Scheck, with homeowners opting for more subtle options. “While dramatic backsplashes are certainly fun, we’re seeing an exit from patterned tile as more subdued, simplistic approaches come into play. The new trend is shifting to handmade tile like Zellige, which infuses texture and character into a space.”

On The Fence: The Open Kitchen

Perhaps the biggest question these days is whether or not the open kitchen will go away in 2024. Gottlieb tells me the answer remains to be seen. “In lots of high-end new developments in big cities like New York, developers are closing up kitchens again. Some people love an open kitchen for its functionality and that it can become the center of the home for hanging out. However, it’s tough to hide a mess in an open kitchen, and if you’re taking on a big cooking project, you’re basically cooking in the living room and dining room.”

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