6 hot interior colour trends in 2024

Rich neutrals

The hot trend of Japandi style has been much sought-after since last year. It’s a cultural blend of East-meets-West. A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, Japandi is minimalist, earthy and organic. The trend shows no signs of stopping in 2024. To achieve this look, think relaxing shades of off-whites and pastel shades of soft brown and olive paired with warm browns.

Medium blue

Blue is my personal all-time favourite colour! This year, instead of strong deep navy blue, opt for medium moody shades of blue to exude that calming vibe. Pastel shades of dewy blue also seem ready to trailblaze in 2024. Essentially, blue is a colour of relaxation, calmness and tranquility. Hence, these softer shades of blue look great in the bedroom and living room.

Burgundy wine

Warm rusty reds, auburn and burgundy have recently been a bold colour of choice. This year looks set to embrace more interior shades of burgundy. A variation of red, burgundy is an intense colour of power. It has strong connotations of wealth, ambition, determination and sophistication. It’s timeless and never fails to energise the room it adorns.

Rich brown

Timber shades of dark brown are making a huge comeback as they appear to be a hot favourite in the spreads of global interior design magazines. The rich earthy shade is rich and sophisticated. It instantly creates an additional layer of depth on your living room walls or kitchen carpentry.

Earthy green

With the soaring popularity of biophilic design in architecture and interior design, shades of earthy green look set to stay in 2024. Earthy green reminds us of the colour of trees and the great outdoors. It’s a therapeutic and calming shade to opt for to boost that corner of your living room. We’re not talking about neon-plastic shades of lime green but go for the darker muted shades of green.

Dusty pink

Since 1960, the Pantone Color Institute has been influential as a global authority on colour. Every year, one singular colour is selected as the hue that captures the current cultural landscape and design trends. It not only profoundly influences works of graphic design and fashion but also interior design.

While others talk about economic forecasts or feng shui predictions for the new year, allow me to share the hot colour this year. Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz has been declared as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024. It captures our yearnings to nurture ourselves and others.

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