6 Fast-Growing Flower Seeds to Plant now to Enjoy a Backyard in Full Bloom Before you Know it


One of the best flowers for beginner gardeners, zinnias promise to bring a burst of color to your backyard before you know it, but don't just take it from us. 'I keep very detailed notes regarding seed starting and last year, my zinnias sprouted within three days of sowing,' explains Diane Kuthy, founder and lead gardening expert at How to Grow Everything.


Another fast grower - and one of the best edible flowers to grow in your backyard - is the sunny and bright marigold. This vibrant flower comes in shades of deep red, orange and yellow, making it a great choice for adding some much-needed color to your backyard this time of year.


Another edible option, nasturtium seeds are super quick to grow from seed. You can expect them to flower 50-60 days after planting and, like marigolds, they offer a sunny display of orange and yellow blooms to brighten up your outdoor space. ' Sow the seeds directly into the soil after the risk of frost has passed,' Carrie says. 'Nasturtiums thrive in full sun and slightly dry conditions, so it is best to water sparingly and, while they can tolerate poor soil, the won't thrive in overly wet or compacted soil.'


A late spring favorite loved by gardeners worldwide is the cosmos. This daisy-like flower blooms on a slender stem with symmetrical petals and comes in an array of colors perfect for peppering your flowerbeds.


'By far one of the fastest flowers you can start from seed are sunflowers,' Diane explains. 'They typically sprout within one week of sowing, but I've had some sunflower seeds sprout within just a few days. Different varieties of sunflowers will bloom at different speeds, but some bloom as quickly as four weeks after sprouting.'


Finally, for a flash of unexpected color in time for summer, plant some morning glory seeds. This vining plant offers a burst of bright bluish-purple blooms within 60-90 days of planting which will attract pollinators to your outdoor space, making them a great choice for wildlife gardening.

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