9 Beautiful Peony Colors to Grow in Your Flower Bed This Spring


'White Emperor': A semi-double white Itoh peony with a cream stamen ring. – 'Double White': This common peony produces large, bold satiny white double blooms from late spring to early summer.


'Double Pink': The buds of this common peony open to reveal stunning, pale shell pink blooms with slight hints of lavender in late spring. – 'First Arrival': An Itoh peony, 'First Arrival's' gently ruffled petals emerge pink before aging to a pastel shade. The large blossoms reach six to seven inches in diameter and have dark maroon-pink blazes at the center and a tuft of yellow stamens. – 'Jacorma Pink': This medium pink double-flowered common peony has five or more outer guard petals and a center of stamens and carpels that have transformed into petals creating a full-bodied flower.

Red and White

'Candy Stripe' was registered in 1992 as a double, white and red-striped common peony.


'Red Charm' is a bombe-shaped (named after the ice cream dessert) peony bloom. The stamens of this style of flower are transformed into inner petals that are narrower than the outer guard petals.


'Scarlet Heaven' is an Itoh peony with deep scarlet-red petals surrounding a golden yellow center. The seven to nine-inch wide blooms arrive in late spring and fade to burgundy.


'Peter Brand' is a common peony with six-inch wide double blooms that start as a deep red before developing into a beautiful purple.


Though there aren't any true purple peonies, the variety 'Agnes Mary Kelway' appears purple and white when you look closely.


‘Bartzella’: This Itoh peony features semi-double to double, pastel yellow flowers with a small rose-purple flare in the center. The blooms measure six to eight inches in diameter.


'Coral Sunset' is a common peony with large, semi-double coral-pink blooms. – 'Etched Salmon' peony blooms have a cupped, rose-like bloom with silvery salmon-pink petals.

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