6 DIY Home Decor Trends That Will Be Big This Year, According to Pros

Textured Walls

Heather Barnes, expert home DIYer and the content creator behind @ourbarnesyard on Instagram, predicts that textured walls will be big in 2024. Think: Roman clay and limewash paint for a natural, stone-effect finish. Both of these wall treatments are eco-friendly and super DIY-friendly, requiring only time and patience to get the finished look. The best part is that various application techniques can yield drastically different results, from plaster to marble-like finishes.

Eccentric Knobs, Pulls, & Switch Plates

Here’s a super fun and simple way to upgrade your space on a budget—swap out your builder-grade knobs, pulls, and switch plates for something more personalized and unique. Julian Thomas, DIY and home lifestyle expert and Command Brand partner, says that eccentric hardware and finishes will be all the rage this year. “From marble-covered switchplates to anamorphic handles, to switchplates for the maximalist, this DIY design trend is one that anyone can do on their own, and can add a bold look to any space,” Thomas says.

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling has been popular in both the interior design world and the home DIY world for the past couple of years, and experts agree we can expect to see that continue in 2024. “I've been seeing painted pencil molding or paneling applied to walls to give them more flair," says Morgan Blinn, lead designer at Rumor Designs based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. "This simple project can make a big impact on the overall feel of your space and add dimension to your walls." While it looks complicated to install, this is a super easy and beginner-friendly DIY that people of all experience levels will be able to try out.


From home decor to fashion, the disco movement is having a bit of a comeback, with disco balls being particularly popular. Sophie Brown, a graphic designer, content creator, and Visual Designer at Mustard Made, predicts that “disco-fying” will be a big trend in 2024, with all kinds of home decor items getting the glittery, disco ball treatment. “I have such a big soft spot for bedazzling and disco-fying," Brown says. "I love that it can take the sunlight and scatter it around a space, creating unpredictable little universes of reflections.” It’s a low-cost, accessible trend that blends the best of DIY, crafting, and playful home decor.

Bold Accent Walls

Accent walls are nothing new, but experts agree that they will continue to trend in 2024. Where accent walls used to err on the neutral and subdued side, this year we can expect to see plenty of bold, statement DIY accent walls taking over our social media feeds. “People are getting more comfortable with being bold in their style and straying away from monochromatic beige tones,” Blinn says. Think striking colors, interesting textures, bold wallpapers, unique architectural details, and more. Not only will a bold accent wall add some visual interest and personality to your space, but it’s also a super affordable and accessible way to give your home an upgrade, regardless of your DIY experience level.

Swag Lighting

Lastly, Thomas predicts swag lighting (fixtures that are not hardwired) will be popular in 2024 as homeowners look to add light fixtures to areas of their homes without the heavy investment of hiring professionals to install them. For renters, swag light fixtures allow them to customize their homes without breaking their rental agreement or making permanent changes to space. “Usually, the lighting cord is long and exposed allowing for it to be plugged into an outlet," Thomas says. "The exposed cords on swag lighting can add to the overall design aesthetic of the space, especially if it leans more mid-century or industrial."

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