6 Dining Room Trends On the Rise for 2023

Darker Wood Furnishings Are Back

We are starting to see darker stains and woods used strategically in the house, and this will include the dining table.

Express Yourself

More and more, interior designer Sarah Cole is finding that her clients are looking for their spaces to express who they are. “They want their homes to be a statement,” she says.

Add Some Glamour

Dining rooms can be utilitarian, but don't let that stop you from having a little fun with the design.

Go Long

Dust off your Alison Roman cookbooks and sharpen your hostess skills, because Gregory has a prediction. “2023 is going to be the great return to the dining room table,” she says. “Glamorous dinner parties will be back, so think extra-long tables, incredibly comfortable seating, and long, lingering meals.”

Take a New Approach to Lighting

If the pendants above your dining room table are looking a little tired, it’s time to rethink your approach to lighting that oh-so-important space.

Billiard lighting is a single fixture with two or more light sources in a row. This offers a streamlined, fresher look than the expected pendants that we’ve seen for years.

Define an Open Floor Plan—Without Walls

Open plan dining areas respond so much better than closed off spaces, but it’s still nice to delineate the space.

Patterned dining room ceilings—whether you’re using wallpaper, color, or, like we did here, an inlaid wood design—creates a visual distinction without raising any walls.

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