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To save space, designers go to various tricks: they hide the bed in the closet or raise it to the mezzanine. The result exceeds all expectations!

A small area, a limited budget, and the impossibility of redevelopment are not an obstacle to creating a comfortable interior for life. Even in a small space, you can fit everything you need and equip a separate bed. See our selection!

1. Single men's apartment An experienced designer can turn even inconvenient structural elements into a “chip” of the project. The broken line of the pilaster was played with the form of a decorative partition separating the sleeping area. A built-in lamp was provided at the head of the bed, and an open shelf for storage at the bottom.

2. Room with a bed in the closet Small area and limited budget did not prevent the designers from creating a comfortable space for a young family. The living room has a sofa, TV and work area. And they decided to make it folding – the bed unfolds from one section of the wardrobe.

3. Private area in a wooden cube In this project, the designers wanted to keep the feeling of air and volume. They immediately abandoned the blind partitions, so the idea arose to design a wooden cube in the center of the apartment, which incorporated many functional elements – there was a bed, a sitting area for viewing a projector, a dressing room, and a sofa in front of the TV.

4. Sleep box in the studio In this small space, the private sleeping area is provided by a wooden sleep box with a storage system raised to the ceiling. The ladder is high enough for the person to stand there at full height. The top offers a great view of the entire apartment. There are storage boxes in the steps of the stairs, and under the bunk, there are three pull-out wardrobes for large items.

5. Sleeping place above the table The young couple had an unexpected replenishment, so they had to revise the layout of the small apartment and remake the bedroom into a nursery.

6. Mezzanine bed In this project, they also decided to raise the sleeping place to the second level. The fact is that the owner of the apartment has a large wardrobe, a lot of books, and souvenirs. Therefore, the designers came up with the idea to arrange the sleeping place above the spacious dressing room.

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