6 colors you should never paint a small entryway – and what shades you should be using instead


Brown is actually making a bit of a comeback in the world of color trends but it's not advised as a small hallway


White was the most common response to colors that should be avoided in a small entryway. Surprising as so often you hear of whites' room-expanding effects and how it can make smaller spaces feel brighter. But neutrals can often feel cold too, or leave a space feeling flat and characterless – something you definitely don't want for the entrance to your home.


Another well-loved hue. Specifically cooler, more steely-toned greys are what you should avoid in a small entryway. Avoid anything with a really strong blue undertone and opt for something warmer and softer, with brown undertones, something like a greige would work far better, as can be seen in this grey hallway.


'As a general rule of thumb, I would say best to steer away from bright reds and oranges within a small hallway,' says Anca Enica, Designer and Founder of Atelier Chelsea Design.'Earthier, deeper, and muted earthy tones are cozier and more welcoming, whilst helping cohesively transition between spaces.'


Dark shades can work wonders in a small entryway, but the key to getting the look right is to avoid very dark, very flat matt colors. If you want to experiment with a shade like black, go for something with depth – a brown or able undertone and a soft chalky, or eggshell paint finish so it doesn't appear so solid and harsh.


On-trend shades are a tricky business. Of course, we all love them, there's a reason they are on trend, but do you want to commit to painting a whole, high-traffic room in one of these short-lived colors? Probably not. 'As a studio, we focus on creating interiors that are timeless, trends are not something we advocate or follow. Whatever color of the year is trending, it may look pretty in a magazine or on Instagram, but your home is exactly that, yours, and it should reflect your personality and tastes not be dictated by what is popular,' explains Tom Rutt, founder of TR Studios. 'Often on-trend colors are bold and bright, the current trend for lavender is a perfect example. This vivid shade is hard to live with day in and day out, can make a small space, especially a hallway feel even smaller, and can be hard to furnish and accessorize in a contemporary and sophisticated way.'

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