6 best carpet colors for living rooms according to interior designers


Most definitely the most popular of carpets, decorating with neutrals such as beige is a great choice for the living room. 'Selecting a neutral color carpet for your living room is a great idea as it will allow you to be more adventurous with colors elsewhere,' suggests Alexandra Hindle, Marketing Manager at Cormar Carpets. 'Whether that is on your walls, your sofa, or styling accessories, a muted color carpet is a great foundation to begin your interior scheme.'


For an alternative spin on neutral-colored carpets, experts also suggest embracing the color trend for 'greige' instead. Similar to classic neutrals, greige is an understated color that simply combines beige and grey together, which can work well if your living room furniture is slightly more cool-toned.


For an added point of interest to the living room carpet, opting for a striped carpet is another option. While this can of course choose bold-colored stripes, you can also opt for neutral colors, for a more subtle look, as Hindle explains: 'A striped carpet is another popular trend this year, allowing homeowners to inject personality, visual interest, and style into their homes. A neutral-colored striped carpet has timeless appeal and is impactful and interesting but still subtle enough to not dominate the space.'


If you're looking for a carpet color that's brighter than neutrals yet still looks timeless and doesn't overpower the living room, Rudolph Diesel, interior designer and founder of Rudolph Diesel Interiors suggests opting for a terracotta shade.


To complement a dark living room, opting for a charcoal-colored carpet is another expert-approved option. 'Charcoal is a very underrated carpeting option,' suggests Diesel. 'A lot of people automatically associate dark greys and blacks with misery but this isn't always the case.' 'If chosen carefully, an inky charcoal carpet can be very tasteful. It is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to add some drama to their living room and goes well with emerald green, ruby red, or other shades of grey.'

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