6 bedroom trends that are huge in 2023

Whilst decorating trends are about looking forward, in 2023 we will be taking a nostalgic dip into our design past – this is according to the experts sharing their predictions for the biggest bedroom trends of 2023.

1. Modern florals

Floral prints will always be popular in some form, and in 2023 they will be used throughout the bedroom, covering upholstery and wallpaper in bright colours like canary yellow.

'We’re seeing great popularity in rich floral prints that will continue into next year with vibrant blue, green, pink and yellow designs against crisp white backdrops,' says Georgia. 'Contemporary floral patterns tend to be illustrated with larger flowers such as gerberas, hydrangeas, and poppies for a striking style.'

2. The feature headboard

Forgo a feature wall or feature ceiling light, and instead draw focus to your bed with a striking headboard design.

'Patterned upholstered beds are a great way to bring personality into the bedroom, so it’s no surprise that they are set to be big in 2023 as people aspire to create the ideal sanctuary for them,' says Georgia. 'To incorporate in your own room, consider working against a neutral colour palette to let the pattern speak for itself. For a more eclectic approach, take the pattern and run with it! Mirror the headboard through similarly styled rugs, bedspreads and cushions.'

3. Scalloped edges

Nostaligic design references will appear throughout our homes in 2023 – we're seeing low-slung 70's style sofas, rattan used in abundance in home accessories, and sweet vintage accents like pantries and breakfast bars return to our kitchens. In the bedroom, nostalgic trims and scalloped edges adorn soft furnishings and accessories.

4. Calming colour palettes

Over on Instagram, more than five million posts promote #slowliving, a lifestyle trend that denotes mindfulness and considered consumption. In interiors, this translates to the creation of peaceful sanctuaries, heavily influenced by the natural world – the perfect approach to bedroom design.

5. Checks and stripes

More nostalgic design motifs, this time in the form of checks and stripes – who can forget the viral John Lewis gingham cushion that repeatedly sold out in 2022. Checks and stripes will both lean towards bold and colourful in 2023 – this is not a return to classic plaids, but rather wide stripes and chunky checks in playful vintage colours.

6. Colour drenching

For those averse to the simple and modest palette promoted by #slowliving, colour drenching will be a welcome trend. 'Fully immerse yourself in the stylish soothing shades of 2023 by seamlessly colour drenching walls, ceiling to floor. This can also make a bedroom appear bigger as the cohesive paint technique results in walls looking never-ending. Therefore, this is a great trend to consider when re-vamping smaller rooms in particular.'

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