1. Spring bedroom in the attic Sloped ceilings in the attic always give the atmosphere a special coziness. The owners decorated the room in a soothing color scheme, adding wallpaper with small floral prints and unobtrusive décor.

2. Simple bedroom in an unusual color This room is simple, there is very little furniture in it. The highlight is the accent wall behind the bed in a noble, deep pink color. In different lighting, it looks different – from powdery to creme brulee.

3. Bright interior in a bold feminine palette Another example of the fact that pink is feminine, but not cloying and not stereotyped. The interior in the photo strikes with a riot of colors, but the leading theme is still pink and its many shades.

4. Delightful retro bedroom The bedroom immediately attracts attention with the presence of vintage accessories: chandeliers, frames, mirrors, and candelabra. They give the room a romantic look.

5. Delicate room in soothing shades Pink reappears, this time as a dusty shade bordering on gray and beige. It gives only a slight touch of femininity to the room, but in general, the interior is restrained, concise, and without unnecessary details.

6. Almost monochrome bedroom with a weightless effect Simplicity, minimalism, monochrome. These words can describe the bedroom in the photo. There is no pink color, no romantic details, and no floral motifs here. However, the atmosphere still turned out to be feminine in its own way – light, soft, and relaxing.