20 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Dream House

1. Heated Driveway

A radiant heating system is installed under the driveway, so you never have to shovel again! This is especially handy with our snowy Chicago winters.

2. Smart Toilet

A remote-controlled toilet with Bluetooth, music, heated seat, foot warmer, deodorizer, and a bidet.

3. Natural Elements With Modern Functionality

Enjoy natural outdoor vibes inside your home by decorating the interior spaces with organic-based materials like wooden shelves with build-in lightning.

4. Bookshelf Secret Door

Just a bookshelf, move along, nothing to see here…

5. Secret Room Under The Stairs

Everyone loves secret rooms.

6. Ping Pong Door

This might be the coolest door in the world.

7. Evolution Door

Nevermind… THIS is the coolest door in the world.

8. Staircase Slide

Because slides are fun.

9. Ceiling Hammock

If you have high ceilings, you’re probably considering this right now.

10. Suspended Bed With Skylight

A bunk-bed for adults.

11. LED Mirror

Subtle light will create an intimate environment to let you stare intensely at your blackheads. A lot of homeowners choose light-up mirrors for their bathrooms.

12. Basement Glass Pool

It’s like an aquarium for people.

13. Invisible Bookshelf

Books that defy gravity.

14. Secret Passageways

The ultimate hiding spot for hide-and-seek.

15. Sunken Living Room

Because flat living rooms are boring.

16. Aquarium Sink

A cool spot for a fish tank.

17. Curved Kitchen Island

Your kitchen is so small kitchen that there is not enough space for an island? Just curve the countertop around the wall for a perfect dining place.

18. Aquarium Bed

Another cool spot for a fish tank. You might think you’re drowning when you first wake up though.

19. Staircase Drawers

Secret staircase storage for your slippers.

20. Drawers Under The Stairs

A great place to put your shoes.

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