5 ways with pattern to create a guest room they'll never want to leave

1. Use The Hero Pattern As Your Starting Point

'When looking to add differing elements, it may seem obvious but start with a pattern that you love; people often choose plainer, more neutral designs in fear, but the result is likely to be an uninspiring space that won’t hold your interest in the long term,' says Richard.

2. Work In Contrasting Patterns For A Curated Look

Choosing floral room decor doesn't mean you can't decorate with stripes, too. In fact, it's recommended. 'It is a good idea to mix and contrast different types of pattern within the scheme. For example, a stripe or floral with a geometric; the more linear design works well with the exuberance and unpredictable relief of a floral, adding a framework and structure,' says Richard.

3. Give The Pattern Room To Breathe

'Choosing patterns that hold a lot of white or black within the repeat is also a good way to allow the motif a little space to breathe, grounding brighter hues of color and allowing the eye to detect and enjoy each pattern individually,' says Richard. This is a particularly good idea for small guest bedrooms and guest bathrooms.

4. Pick Florals For A Beautiful Finish

'Choosing floral wallpapers that fill the walls with the beauty of the garden are timeless and can create a real sense of escapism with their immediate connection to nature,' says Richard.

5. Dress The Bed To Impress

Styling a four poster bed with fabric adds a layer of luxury to a guest space. 'If you have a four poster bed, why not bring the pattern into the fabric overhead for the most opulent finish allowing your guests to feel very spoilt, creating an indulgent hotel escape feel?' says Richard. 'Don’t forget the personal touches such as a robe behind the door, a vase of favorite flowers and a selection of books and the latest magazines. The only issue is they may never want to leave!'

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