5 ways to make your house smell like fall

1. Invest In Scented Candles

It may seem like the obvious starting point, but choosing one of the best candles on the market is a failsafe way to elevate your home instantly.

2. Mix A Simmer Pot

Few scent-boosting methods are quite as powerful as a simmer pot, nor are any quite as cost-friendly. 'This is a simple way to bring the fall smells to your home, and what is even more exciting is that you can create your signature scent,' says Jennifer Lynn, the CEO of Jennifer Lynn Interiors.

3. Create A Pomander Ball

Pomander balls are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing way to make your house smell like fall, especially if you're dressing your kitchen or dining table. Essentially, these are oranges with cloves that you arrange in decorative patterns, adding a hint of individuality in the process. But what does the method involve?

4. Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

If you're particularly weary of open flames in your home or you're living with young children, it's likely that you've already found the best reed diffuser for you. However, there is no better time to be a new convert – with a host of fall-inspired scents to enjoy – the main question is not whether to invest – but which one is best for your home.

5. Burn Incense

The time-honored ritual of burning incense is the most spiritual way to fill your home with scent, and it's also one of the strongest methods – as one stick can go a significantly long way. It is unsurprising; therefore, that it is approved by aromatherapist Jennie Koeper. The expert suggests finding a fall scent that appeals to you – and choosing incense made from plants instead of artificial fragrance. 'Stick, cone, and loose incense are all popular.'

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